2020 Ford Ranger

  • 2020 Ford Ranger

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    • Found code U3000:42-68, U3000:44-68, U3000:49-AF, and U3000:64-68 in image processing module for control module fault. Found image processing module behind rear view mirror to be bad. Recommend remove and replace image processing module, program module to vehicle using ford AS BUILT data, calibrate the vehicle using Forscan procedure.
    • IMAGE PROCESSING MODULE – Remove & Replace – Image Processing Module-A (IPMA)
    • Enter all data for ports 706-01-01 to ports 706-03-06 in image processing module to configure to vehicle. Measure distance on front wheels from bottom of front tires to wheel arch, enter in module. Road test vehicle with FORSCAN hooked up to calibrate image camera. Clear codes after calibration, lane camera departure back to functioning.
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