2016 Ford F-150

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    • Found code P0C2A:00 for auxiliary transmission fluid pump "A" motor stalled, code P0123:00 for cylinder head temp 2 circuit high, code P1285:00 for cylinder head overtemp condition, code P1299:00 for cylinder head overtemp protection active. Found engine temperature at 70 degrees on start up, but temp gauge full hot and vehicle fan on. Recommend remove and replace cylinder head temp sensor, temp gauge now reading correct and vehicle fan comes off and on at correct time. Found auxiliary transmission pump to be bad causing vehicle to not go above 30 mph. Recommend remove and replace auxiliary transmission pump, clear computer memory and road test the vehicle.
    • TRANSMISSION AUXILIARY FLUID PUMP – Remove & Replace – Auxiliary Pump
    • COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENDER OR SENSOR – Remove & Replace – 2.7L Eng Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT)
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